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A note on history.
        The history of the world has a somewhat vague beginning. The first age that can be accounted for is what is known as the Ancient Age (A.A.). Many believe the Ancient Age was the beginning of all time, as best as any evidence of older days exists. Near the end of the Ancient Age a great war - the Green War - began. What remained of historical documents at the beginning of the First Age (F.A.) to follow was spread like dust on the wind. As pieces were gathered over the following years little evidence remained to support the small fragments of information discovered. The Ancient Age turned to legend, then myth, and much was forgotten.
        The First Age began at what was believed to be the end of the Ancient Age, though no one can say for sure. It began the first fully recorded history of an age, when the new gods - later to be known as the Gods of Old - began their reign over the people. The First Age lasted only five hundred and twenty four years and, in the ages to come, became known as the Age of Restoration when the gods reached out and helped their people return the land to its greatest majesty. Records of beautiful gardens beyond belief and peace in every corner of the world still exist. The fall of the First Age came with greed and hate which spawned the creation of the Disque of Ascension, where the First Battle of Ascension took place.
        The Second Age followed the battle when the New Gods defeated the Gods of Old and claimed their places in the Heavens. The Second Age - also known as the Age of Despair - gave way to the temptations of Shadow and all the mortal beings were but pawns to the games the gods played against each other. These games lead from the War of Might, to the War of Dissidence, and finally the Great Dragon War which nearly destroyed everything that was built during the Age of Restoration. The Second Age was the shortest of all ages, yet also the most famous, consumed by the ravaging done to the lands, and was brought to an end by a great mage conclave.
        Thus began the Third Age, or Age of the Dragon, when the Conclave of Ten brought an end to the Great Dragon War and each tamed a race of dragons, beginning their reign as the Dragon Gods. They ruled with peace once again spreading across the lands.

Acebrity (ay-SEH-bri-tee): Red Dragon Goddess of Shadow

Alkali (ahl-KAH-lee): Elemental Mage of water.

Arithia (ah-RI-thee-ah): city of northern Cevius; people of the city are known as Arithian (ah-RI-thee-an); Arithia is one of the most naturally well protected cities known in the world. Some believe Arithia is the oldest city in existence.

Belathius (beh-LAY-thee-us): Cleric of the First Counsel of Mordelic

Birothius (bee-ROH-thee-us): High Cleric of the Second Counsel of Arithia

Cavitius (cah-VY-tee-us): right hand of Regent Narcysius; soldier of Arithia

Cevius (SEH-vee-us): largest kingdom in the world; Cevius has grown to its inpenitrable strength under the rule of King Timaleon from only a small kingdom which was once known as Khavyan (kah-VYEHN).

Corban (cohr-BAYN): High Cleric of the First Counsel of Mordelic, friend to the Dragon Gods.

Cordance (cohr-DAHNS): Brass Dragon Goddess of Light

Cylumet (SEYE-loo-met): head of the order of golden dragons, companion of Cyrianna

Cyrianna (keye-ree-AH-nah): Golden Dragon Goddess of the Light

Delurius (de-LOO-ree-ohs): Cleric of the Second Counsel of Arithia

Devodius (deh-VOH-dee-us): right hand to Cavitius; soldier of Arithia

Ellesar (EHL-ehs-ahr): King of the Gray elves

Essence: Green Dragon Goddess of Fog

Fandilus (FAN-deh-lus): General of the Arithian army, loyal subject to Dragon Gods of Light

Flumox (fla-MAHKS): head of the order of brass dragons, companion of Cordance

Gabriene (gah-bree-EHN): The oldest being in existence, she is known to all who look upon her as The Ancient One, but to her people as simply Lady Gabriene.

Gardilus (GAHR-dil-us): Black Dragon God of Shadow

Gordolmeth (GOHR-dohl-meth): head of the order of black dragons, companion of Gardilus

Grafcrane (GRAHF-krayn): Goddess of Beauty during the Second Age

Gurcius (GOOR-see-us): Founding King of Cevius. He created the basis of Mordelic and was the first recorded to sit upon a throne for Cevius in 22 FA.

Gwindor (goo-IN-dohr): King of the Riverfolk elves

Hesstyramot (hehs-TEYE-rah-maht): head of the order of copper dragons, companion of Jestarius

Hibarnia (hi-BAHR-nee-ah): White Goddess of Shadow

Jestarius (jehs-TAY-ree-us): Copper God of Fog

Junis (joo-nees): Regent of Homlet; named for the former God of the Moon

Justarius (jus-TAY-ree-us): Bronze God of Light

Justis: head of the order of bronze dragons, companion of Justarius

Kieta (kee-AY-tah): daughter of Birothius, cleric of the Second Counsel

Lobomich (loh-BOH-mik): God during the Age of Despair; His betrayal of Plezin during the First Age lead to the 1st Battle of Ascention and inevitably to the beginning of the Second Age.

Molarod (MOH-lah-rahd): God during the Second Age; During the First Age he was one of the wisest scholars. The Division War caused him to create the great Disque of Ascention which in turn led to the battle that destroyed the Gods and gave he and his friends the new reign as Gods.

Mordelic (mohr-DEL-ic): capitol city of Cevius, founded as such in 21 TA shortly after the end of the Great Dragon War; people of Mordelic are known as Cevian (SEH-vee-an)

Narcysius (nahr-KEYE-see-us): Regent of Arithia and First Heirleeon of Cevius

Plezin (PLEH-zyn): former Goddess of the dragons; Her reign was hard and strong during the Second Age, known as the Age of Despair, during which she called upon the dragons to deliver her wrath against those who stood against her. The trail the dragons left behind gave the age its name. Plezin fell to the conclave of magi that managed to rise against her.

Quilsicker (kwil-seye-KEHR): God during the Second Age; He was a friend to both Plezin and Lobomich. During the Division War he attempted to mediate between the friends and failed miserably.

Reznif (rehz-NEEF): God during the Age of Despair; Reznif raised to power beside Plezin, his undying devotion assisted her power.

Rhona (ROH-nah): Cleric of the First Counsel of Mordelic

Roanoak (ROHN-ohk):Regent of Seori

Siroccomos (SEE-roh-koo-mohs): Blue Dragon God of Fog

Smolder: head of the order of blue dragons, companion of Siroccomos

Static: head of the order of green dragons, companion of Essence

Subzero: head of the order of white dragons, companion of Hibarnia

Talin (TAH-lyn): scout for King Timaleon, discoverer of Arithia

Tiberius (teye-BEE-ree-us): Second Heirleeon of Cevius

Timaleon (tim-AH-leeohn): King of Cevius, a.k.a. Timaleon the Honorable

Trinomi (treye-NOH-mee): God during the Second Age; He was best friend to Lobomich and was also viewed by Plezin as a traitor.

Vehementmon (veh-heh-MEHNT-mahn): head of the order of red dragons, companion of Acebrity


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