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Robert Jordan Dedication

Blood Forsaken Reviews

Novel has fantastic story elements! (Five Stars)

Although I usually don’t read fantasy adventure a friend suggested this novel and I’m glad she did.

A summary of the plot is not as important as stressing that this author has a firm grip on the key elements of writing and storytelling.

CONFLICT!  Without conflict there is no story.  She uses the classic conflict of two brothers consumed by their hatred for one another, who have dedicated their lives and all their energies to one final purpose: the death or ruin of the other brother.


Mythos!  She also has a keen understanding that in these novels the author has to create a pure virtual-reality kingdom that whisks the reader away to faraway lands and adventures. It’s the key to suspension of disbelief, and she accomplished it with ease.

The “Essence” code of honor or conduct is akin to the Arthurian mythos of “Might” makes right and Camelot. Again the classic conflict both inner of outer of good vs. evil.


Of course hearing that the author is an ex-cheesehead transplant from the great white north Wisconsin did endear her more quickly to my heart. Who says all the great American writers have to be from the south?

Jump in and read her series and be transported to mystical realms where the damsel is in distress and truth and honor still prevail.


~R. Douglas Weber

Author of Solomon's Key

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