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Robert Jordan Dedication

Bloodline Burden

By Star Davies

Dark days are coming. I can feel the weakness in the earth, see the falling levels of rivers and oceans, hear the stillness that begins to settle over the whole of Divica. The entirety of my life has been dedicated to one task, to stop this abomination from destroying the beauty, the complex and delicate life of the world. It is a mission far greater than myself, the last of the Blood of the Light, the only savior. It is a burden I have willingly bore since birth, as much a part of me as my arms and legs.

Yet despite my willingness to dedicate my all it has not been enough. The Essence grows slowly weaker, and as it does, my ability to tap into it has weakened as well. I do not possess enough strength in magic to finish the task.

But hope is not lost. Growing inside of me is a power great enough to tap into the Essence of magic when all others fail. As the last of the bloodline, it is my obligation, my righteous and holy blessing, to pass down to you the burden that I have been unable to bear.

Do not fear, my son, Lord of Salvation. Your burden is your gift. You will be hunted all of your life as I have been since the moment of your conception. It is because of your strength with the Essence that the Defiler knew the moment you were created, and he will not rest until your power is destroyed. You will be far greater than me, greater than our ancestors, greater even than He who seeks to put an end to you.

This is not an obligation you can run away from, my son. The day will come when you must face the Defiler if the world is to survive. On that day the ground will rise up to meet you as the sky bows at your feet. I cannot tell you what you must do. If I knew then perhaps I could have done so myself. You must discover the path on your own.

I know now that I will not survive to see you through this, but I have not left you unprotected. Sylva is your guardian. She can protect you from harm and heal your wounds. I have complete faith that she will see you through to the end of your struggle. Hold her close and secret though. Dragons are feared, loathed creatures. Keep her presence quiet and one day she will free others of her kind from the subversion that has taken them.

When the days grow darker still, think of me and I will be there. Think of me and you will never have to fight this battle alone.

May our Mother, the Creator, shelter you in her embrace and guide you down the path to salvation.

Your mother,


Blood of the Light

Last Ruler of Divica          

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