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Robert Jordan Dedication

On the Essence:


In the beginning only the Andreille could Tap the Essence. They, in agreement with the Creator, gifted the four races of elves, divine in spirit, with the ability to tap the Essence. The fourth race, called the Dra'vael, was corrupted by the power the Essence gave them. They became evil.


The Essence was born into only the elves and Andreille until the creation of the brim. When the evil, dark elven wizard, Vasaloman, expanded the brim, it trapped the Essence within. As centuries passed, the brim trapped the essence within and the stronger it became, the more people--humans and not--showed Promise, the ability to tap the Essence to some degree.


All elves and Andreille use the Essence to different degrees. Other races must have "Promise" to try tapping the Essence. It drains the user during spells depending on the strength of the caster and the strength of the spell. When a person becomes "tapped out" they have used all the Essence that their bodies can handle, and if not cautious they can die. This effect of tapping out is very uncommon among elves, and almost never happens to the Andreille.


Five items exist that help postpone the Draining. These items are called fountains. The first helps with the casting of the element of earth, the second helps with fire, the third with air, and the fourth with water. The fifth fountain, most valuable of them all, helps with the casting of earth, air, water, and fire. Its value is worth enough to purchase nearly all the land in the world and it is revered as a very dangerous weapon.


In the realm of the four elements of the Essence each individual caster is strong in certain elements and weak in others. One person can be gifted at earth and air while another air and water, and another still at fire and air and earth, or just water. There is a fifth element which is forbidden to use, known as darkness. Use of darkness is punishable by death.


All creatures that show Promise, regardless of the level of strength, are trained on how to tap the Essence. If a person does not or cannot learn how to "guide" the Essence, it can take control of that person until it taps them out, or kills them.


Laws of the Essence:


There are only three laws of tapping.


  • Never use the Essence to lie, cheat, or steal.
  • Only use the Essence against another to protect yourself or others from bodily harm.
  • Never, ever tap the darkness element.

These three laws are universal around the world and are enforced as such regardless of class, race, sex, or strength. Breaking the first two laws is punishable with minimum of fifty years of imprisonment, a maximum sentence of death. Breaking the third is automatically punished with a death sentence.


Anyone accused of breaking these laws has the right to a trial before Council of Elemental Magi. The evidence is presented before four councilmen. Then they deliver a decision of guilt or innocence. If a person is found guilty they are then handed over to the local court for sentencing. For example, if a person breaks the law in Mordelic, they will be returned to Mordelic upon guilt for the local court to determine their sentence.


Effect of the Essence on the World:


Since humans were able to tap, their society slowly evolved into dependency for certain uses of the Essence. Forests were enchanted to protect cities from invasion, walls of prison cells were created to hold casters in, buildings were created that could float over bodies of water, weather was controlled to small degrees to help with swift, safe sailing, crowns were enchanted with the ability to bind the bearer to their oaths. These are only a few examples of ways people became dependent on the Essence.


The stronger the Essence became, the more commonly it was used. Farmers tapped the earth element to help fertilize their fields and grow their crops. Nobles bound oaths to people bones so they would be compelled to keep their word. There were numerous practical and common uses for the Essence.


All of these will be effected by what happens next...

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