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Axiom Cycle

To view a map of the Third Age, also known as the Age of the Dragon, click the underlined link.

"A shadow in the clouds of a castle not far off."

The Works of Star Davies


  • Blood Forsaken
  • DragonHunt (Working Title)
  • Come Tomorrow
  • VIV

Short Stories:

  • The Order
  • A Letter to My Husband
  • A Box of Wine
  • The Coffeshop

For information about the characters in the Axiom Cycle, please see the Cast page.
To learn about forgein words or ideas in the Axiom Cycle, please see the Glossary page.
To view the sigels of the Axiom Cycle, please see the Shields of the World page.

 Prophecies of the
Axiom Cycle
Corban Prophecy (Cevian), 378TA:
After the earth drains of water and crumbles from the sky, He shall be born;
A child who bears the mark of the seas, mountains, and skies united;
His company will be creatures never seen before;
His heart will be of gold as like Timaleon the Honorable.
Those who do not stand beside him will die.
His conquest will restore what was.
The Prochecy of Ta'infespi
(Dau Rosiera), AA:
One shall come to bind them all;
One shall come to break them.
Two by two they shake the world,
And one shall come to save them.
Exerts from the Book of Prophecy (Riverfolk Elves),
The Lost Period AA:
The oldest who stands and breaths shall die,
and in her wake the world will fall.
The Dark One shallawaken and rise once more,
as protection from him ceases to exist.
The Blood of Light will bear the mark
to show the world the truth forgotten.
All shall kneel before his power;
Or be left in darkness of the Hollow.
Slowly, the Halo shall stir once more,
and He will lead them against Shadow.
Master of the Way (Gray Elves), 3269 AA:
Thee who dances upon the blade of the sword, dances upon the fate of the world;
The Master of the Way shall walk once more, and around that sword the future is swirled.
The smoothest blade the world will see shall dance as once have danced before;
And only with the blood of thee shall He save the world from darkness once more.
Lost Prophecies of the Axiom Cycle, End of AA:
Lo, the warmth of Light shall touch the hand of ice, and it shall not melt;
As bitter cold wilts the rose and winter settles upon the lands,
Day and night shall become one amongst the fallen leaves,
And the trees shall weep witness to darker days to come;
May this dreadful unity birth a return to the Blood of Light,
Or all behold the destruction of the world.

All works by Star Davies are currently unpublished.


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