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Writer Links:
Wisconsin Regional Writers Association encourages Star's growth and helps motivate her writing.
Interested in creating a book you can send out for reviews or just to proof? Lulu gives writers the opportunity! Their printing options are helpful tools for any would-be writer.
Jennifer Turner has some helpful articles on her site for any new writer to read.

Chicken Soup for the Soul is always looking for stories for one book or another. A full list of the books in the works is available of their web site.

"This project and podcast is part of our efforts to inspire Texas Public Radio listeners to be creative and explore their hidden literary talents.  A monthly prompt is offered to get you started writing on a subject or idea." Yes, it is open to anyone!

Translate English into non-English languages!

This has a dictionary, thesaurus, stock-quote box, and lots more.
 SBC & Horizon phone directories.
Search our helpful acronyms.
Bits to bytes, yards to meters, and other non-religious conversions.

Reader Links:
The Wheels of Time series keeps Star's mind racing. This site relates information and arguments regarding the books.
Friend and fellow writer of Star, Jennifer Turner, has published wonderful novels.
Friend and member of the WRWA  

Free trial readings of selected books are available on this website to download!

Write, read, and discuss anything and everything!

Other Links Related to Star:
Legend Images, owned and operated by Star and her husband tazz, has captured God's beauty in ways that have encouraged and inspired her creativity.

A note for those who have been here before. New York Literary Agency has been removed from the link list. In light of recent events Star has decided that promoting the agency is no longer appropriate.


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