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The images on this page have inspired Star's writing in ways she never realized photos could. In an effort to help others understand her vision she insisted this page be created.
All images posted are the sole property of Legend Images.


       The view the caravan receives once they leave Tahzen and cross Seoras Plains.
       "It seemed like a mirage as we approached, as if it didn’t exist. Unlike most shadows, the size did not expand or recede as we moved toward it."


Fingers of the Gods of Shadow

      This image is a reminder to Tiberius that darkness will spread across the lands.

       A raced along his spine as he gazed at the clouds above, reaching toward him like the Shadow itself. Darkness would spread quickly across Cevius.


Golden Woods
     Another view the caravan is graced with along their journey, as well as the grace of Lady Gabriene.
     The sunlight shimmered through the leaves of paperback trees, leaving a radiant golden glow. This would be the day that changed Narcysius’ life, and that of those around him, forever.


Dawson and Tyler
     The two beautiful boys that inspired the creation of the Axiom Cycle. Their birth created a whole new world.
I hope you boys love these books as much as I loved writing them for you.


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